This Message Will Self Destruct

Chief Quimby has a message from Jay to the readers of The Sexy Armpit:

I’m just finishing my lunch and chomping on some Sun Chips. I wanted to tell you there’s a few great articles on the way at The Sexy Check back this weekend for an update. I’ve been sulking because everyone cool in L.A got to see the premiere of The Dark Knight and we in Jersey still have to wait until the 7/18. In the mean time, please pay a visit to some of the link sites on the right side of the page. They are all quality blogs! ( hint…hint…)

– Also, Motley Crue’s new CD The Saints of Los Angeles came out on Tuesday and if you are into Crue then this is a MUST BUY! Motley is coming to the PNC Bank Arts center in Holmdel in August and I’ll be there as well.

– In classic Jersey style, I’m going to check out Bon Jovi at MSG on 7/14. So you can expect a review on that also. As usual Bon Jovi tickets were so overpriced that my condo was foreclosed on after I bought them. Trash the Goondocks…and they can get their balls out.

– I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, it’s hot and humid here in the Armpit of New Jersey. Oh and remember that The Miss Sexy Armpit contest is coming soon. The pictures will be up later this summer.

– Has anyone watched the new season of The Two Corey’s? It’s not as wacky as the last season. It’s taken a serious tone which I’m not as into but it’s still good. Haim is going to be in the Crank sequel and The Lost Boys sequel is going to straight to DVD soon.

– Anyone doing anything good this summer? Taking any trips? I need something exciting to do this summer. I know I’ll be checking out Wall-E. What else do you think I should do?