This isn’t the fetish site you’re loooking for.

Celebrating 10 years as a blog, The Sexy Armpit continues to pour over the inconsequential pop culture nonsense involving The Garden State a.k.a (The Armpit of the Universe!) as well as the remarkable stuff that happens in it, but The Sexy Armpit means so much more than merely a blog name.

The Sexy Armpit is our affectionate moniker for New Jersey, but specifically the areas of the state that mix industry and garbage with picturesque landscapes and foliage. You’ve probably heard people brag about how there are some really nice parts of New Jersey, but The Sexy Armpit represents our love for the clashing of two very different settings. It’s the beautiful trashiness of a place where you can choke from inhaling putrid odors on the New Jersey Turnpike one second, while only minutes later admire a serene auburn and gold forest on a late fall afternoon.

From the beautiful and talented women showcased in our Garden State Playmate series to nostalgic looks back at sitcoms and cartoons featuring spots like Atlantic City, like it or not, you’ll be surprised how everything ties back to Jersey in some way. But beware, we aren’t on some mercy mission to beg for you to stop slandering our state. We have a sense of humor. We embrace everything you say about us. We just get a kick out of being mentioned.

Common post subjects at The Sexy Armpit include Friday the 13th, Batman, Ghostbusters, WWE, and of course, the annual Halloween celebration.

The Sexy Armpit is also an actual nickname, one that friends and family members just started calling Jay Ryan, the creator and writer of the blog. It eventually devolved into simply “The Armpit.”  You can watch the exploits of Jay and Sludgey at our YouTube Channel.

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