Late Night Love Letter to NJ

A few weeks back my fellow NJ friend Nicole was up late at night (or very early in the morning) and felt inspired to start writing about her pride in her home state in the notes app on her iPhone. She was brave and decided to post it on Twitter for all to see. Coincidentally, the time she saved it was my birthday 3:11. It was a sure sign that I needed to immortalize this on The Sexy Armpit!

From my perspective, having other people read my writing has been something I’ve done since I was a little kid, but others aren’t as open with the things that they write. Since Nicole posted her strong feelings about Jersey on Twitter, I felt like I could share it, but with her permission of course. She was cool with it.

Everything she says pretty much sums up what many of us in the state feel. We’re not all the stereotypes, well…some of them. We’re not the Real Housewives…well I guess some of them are. It’s not L.A a place you’ll rarely ever hear people brag about how they were born and bred there, but you’ll always hear about how someone has lived their entire life in Jersey. I have no doubt that I will live in Jersey until the day I die. I can’t speak for others around the country, but do you feel the same type of bond that Nicole feels with Jersey? Do people in Florida or Idaho feel the same strong feelings for their state? I hope we’re not the only ones!

Thanks for letting us share your feelings about NJ, Nicole! You can follow her on Twitter: @villalicious