It’s finally here! THE SEXY ARMPIT HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2016 is now LIVE and available for viewing at
I hope you enjoy the 5th installment of our horror/comedy. It’s an eerie and insane delight that will enhance your Halloween season. You’ll see the Sexy Armpit crew as well as plenty of guest stars and favorites. If you haven’t watched the previous installments, I suggest you do so! It’s way more fun to see the often bizarre evolution of these specials. As always, I truly thank everyone who watches these specials because it means a lot! If you enjoy it, please share it on social media or you can even tell a friend in real life, if you’re into that sort of thing! Happy Halloween from The Sexy Armpit! Mwahahahahaaaaa!

  • gzilla2000 .

    What is the name of the music that is playing when Vivienne Beachwood is playing with the orange slime. I recognize it, but I can’t remember from where and it is driving me nuts.

  • JohnV

    Nice work Jay! I enjoyed this bit of Halloween fun. Nice to see Matt and Will make cameos. Oh and I was drinking from that same green tiki cup when watching this. Haha!