Purple Stuff Podcast Episode 25: 1992!



I’m here with 2 good things to tell you. It’s Friday, which you likely already know PLUS we’ve got a new Purple Stuff Podcast for you! This time around, we’re taking you back to when the USA Basketball Dream Team was in full effect, Right Said Fred scored a hit with “I’m Too Sexy,” and WWE Superstar Paige was born. I won’t waste too much time pitching it to you because it’s pretty simple: It’s all about stuff we liked in 1992. Much like our 1986 episode, we discuss movies, TV shows, video games, and all sorts of other random nostalgia from back then. Join us as Matt and I take another trip down memory lane and celebrate what we think is the coolest stuff from ’92. Check it out in the link above, or SUBSCRIBE on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean. Thanks for reading and listening! Let us know what your favorite stuff from ’92 was in the comments!

  • I’m probably older than you, as I graduated high school in ’92.

    A month before graduation, my friends and I had received first honors from the school at an awards ceremony at night. Once the ceremony was over, we all went out to see Wayne’s World for the first time and had a blast. A great memory!

    We also saw Batman Returns that June. I remember the scene where Michael Keaton slides down into the Batcave and my friend Joe saying “better than the Batpole!” Even though you two discussed it here, you really should devote an entire episode to it. The one on the first Batman movie was so much fun to listen to. You might as well do an episode on each movie in the Burton/Schumacher series!

    Batman: TAS was so amazing it was actually shocking. You could tell immediately this wasn’t just a cash-in on the movies’ success. The creators of this show gave a shit.

    I’m surprised to learn that the death of Superman started in ’92. I thought it was ’93 or even ’94. EVERYONE was talking about it. And it was a really well done story too, in my opinion.