The Purple Stuff Podcast Episode 5: The Perfect Marathon


Kids are headed back to school. The scent of pumpkin candles are in the air. There’s a chill in the night. The Halloween season is officially in full swing. My attention is on the big day…HALLOWEEN! Black, orange, and PURPLE are the only colors I see. Matt from Dinosaur Dracula and I have banded together to help you enhance your season this year with The Purple Stuff Podcast. If you haven’t checked out the previous episodes, we shoot the shit about all kinds of Halloween and horror stuff. It’s like a audio trick or treat bag full of goodies for you to enjoy. The newest episode that premiered earlier today has us contemplating our perfect Halloween time TV marathon. It’s inspired by the old Shocktober marathons that WPIX in New York used to show around this time of year. It left a huge mark on us and seeing as how ABC Family has put together a fairly heinous Halloween marathon this year, we assemble a creeptastic Shocktober marathon of our own! It’s a blast, so check it out in the player above or via iTunes and Stitcher.

*For a future episode we are opening up the floor to questions. Leave Matt and I any question you might have that is related to Halloween in some way. Ask us anything about horror, witches, haunted hayrides etc. Your question may be answered in a future show! Also, there’s a lot more coming this month here at The Sexy Armpit! Come back soon for the return of The Sexy Armpit Halloween Special Production Blog as well as a few other tricks up our sleeve so stay tuned!

  • FakeEyes

    I have multiple questions!

    Who is the greatest Universal Monster or horror icon? Which one serves as the best representative for this season?

    What was your worst or most embarrassing Halloween costume?

    Best action figure lines with a creepy theme? (Skeleton Warriors, Supernaturals, etc)

    What is the worst candy and why are they Circus Peanuts? (The answer is nobody ever asked for a gummy bear/marshmallow hybrid)

    Best movie ghost?

    That’s all I’ve got in 5 minutes, goodbye.

  • Sammy Hain

    If you could spend Halloween in any one Halloween cartoon, special or movie what would it be?

  • Sammy Hain

    Like a Buffy, The Vampire Slayer episode you have been transformed in to your Halloween costume. What are you?

  • Kinda late question. I’ll post it on the newest podcast as well:
    What new Halloween tradition would you like to see started this year?