Halloween House Display in Woodbridge, NJ


On the ride home last night I swear I noticed Dracula on someones lawn. The Frog Brother in me told me that I needed to pull over and check it out. I wouldn’t want any blood sucking house invasions taking place in a nice town like this! When we pulled up to the house I let out a sigh of relief because the vampire wasn’t real, it was all part of a killer Halloween display that the good folks of the house have been putting up every year for the last 9 years!


The display, which takes up their entire lawn, steps, and porch, includes Frankenstein, skeltons escaping from the ground, and glowing window characters. The setup was well done and exceptionally scary! One of the best things about Halloween and Christmas is that you never know what kinds of unbelievable decorations you’ll see when driving around. So many people put forth much effort into their lawn displays and they need to be appreciated!

  • Hey there. Great post as usual. Hope you've had a cool weekend. I had a fantastic Halloween here. Take care. Cheers!

  • Great pictures! Thanks for giving this household the appreciation they deserve.

    It made me remember when years ago my family used to work really hard to build displays and were featured in our teeny little local paper once. It wasn't mainstream media but it was very rewarding to feel appreciated for all our hard work.

  • I hope your Halloween was great & thanks for taking the time to pull together all that great Halloween content!

  • Wish I could have seen it, they have me beat. I only hung up a sign that said “Go away” lol..

  • George

    Jay thanks for posting the pics of some of the scary and creepy Halloween characters we had on display this year. I also appreciate the posted comments. In addition to the posted pics we also had gouls hanging on cables, one of which glides down a 20 ft line to scare those passing by. Also on Halloween night my wife and I and other family members dress up in various costumes and become live charachters in our lawn displays. Like my wife as a ghost lying in the 6 & 1/2 ft coffin I built ready to rise to the scary occassion, or the creepy skeleton guy stuck in the guillotine. Next year please stop by on Halloween night to see the show. All are welcome at 193 Clinton Street Woodbridge. Thanks to the day after sales at the Halloween stores we already have new stuff to display next year. We really try to put on a scary show for the community. Regards: George Karpinecz