NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 7: Artist Tom Krohne


I’ve been going on the internet for over 15 years and I’m still totally amazed at the stuff I come across. You never know what kind of results a Google search will deliver to you, but if you use the right terms you’ll surely find stuff you didn’t even know you were looking for. A prime example is how I found Tom Krohne, a freelance illustrator who’s got a boner for horror movies and monsters of pop culture!

Krohne’s T-shirts: Jersey Devil X-ing and The Jersey Devil: Terrorizing NJ since 1735
While doing routine research for my weekly T-Shirt column, I found that Cafe Press appeared in many results for New Jersey related T-Shirts. I must admit that, in a way, I was sort of disappointed. I’m always hoping to find some mind blowing piece of news like Perez Hilton wiped his bloody face with a New Jersey T-Shirt right after he experienced will.i.am’s right hook. I’d consider that to be quite a showing for NJ T-Shirt Tuesday. But sometimes I can settle for more subtle triumphs, like finding a superior artist such as Tom Krohne. His Cafe Press store not only features Jersey Devil T-Shirts, hats, and hoodies, but also breakfast cereal monsters and other oddities that are worth checking out.

Jersey Devil with State Backdrop and the metalicious “1909 Outta The Pines Tour”
Usually it’s a crap shoot with Cafe Press. Finding a storefront that features a slew of imaginative and cool looking designs is a rarity. Too many of the stores feature products with one boring logo. I’m not out to disrespect any of the hard work that goes into the various Cafe Press stores, but I will say that when you come across a store like Tom Krohne’s, it makes the others pale in comparison.
  • i want all of these t-shirts now

  • the yellow street sign one is a standout. just the right size logo and it's simple. i have a lot of black shirts already i'm going to see if he has any in navy bue.

    thanks for sharing Jay.