Crazy Bald Fuck Running Down The Street

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I have some time right now so I figured I go blogging.
Every morning as I’m driving to work I see the same guy running on down Main Street. He seems like he’s in his 30’s and he must be partly insane because he wears really short shorts. He even does it in the winter. Ya know what? It snowed the other day. It’s spring and it’s been in the 30’s at 7 in the morning. This guy is fucking insane. Does he really need the exercise that bad? I commend him for his ambition but I don’t think it’s really necessary to go running in extremely short shorts in the freezing cold weather. He’s in awesome physical condition there’s no doubt about it. He probably has a 2 or 3% body fat. He bics his head, so who knows maybe he’s a marathon runner. Somehow I doubt that any marathon runners live in my town. It seems like a town that breeds slackers.
I used to have that drive and motivation. But it wasn’t because I was training in a 49 and a half mile below zero marathon. It was more because I was young and crazy. In high school I used to run winter track. We would run meets in literally below zero temps and we would have these little tiny red silk boxers on with a mesh tank top. People thought we were nuts. We knew we were nuts. I guess knowing you’re nuts makes you want to embrace it and show it off like it’s Attack-Track on show and tell day. But that was then. Being 16 years old makes you do stupid things, ones that you wouldn’t do at say…26. All I can say is all the props go to him for being in great shape, but at the same time all I can say is what a stupid fucker!!!
At 7am even in my pants, shirt, tie and leather jacket, I’m freezing my ass off. I obviously won’t be freezing when it’s about 80 degrees outside (even in the morning) but when it’s that hot running will be the absolute furthest thing from my mind…and I enjoy running! I think it’s just a matter of smartening up.
On the podcasting front – The Sexy Armpit Radio show WILL be up late Friday so instead of watching Leno, turn on your effing computer and listen to us.